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1 Hour Masterclass


You know you need to negotiate, but you don't know where to begin. Voila! You are invited to this freemasterclass to learn the way.

Negotiating in your business is like doing your taxes...not optional. Let me show you how to go from terrified to confident.

Save Your Seat

8 Hour Digital Course

$597 CAD

As a business owner, negotiation is a skill you will use every day: with clients, with suppliers, partners, and employees.

You’re brave enough to own your own business, so you are just a few steps away from becoming a confident negotiator.

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4 Hour Crash Course

$497 CAD

You only have one chance to negotiate your next job offer. Now is not the time to let your blind spots sabotage you. It's time to embody fearless.

This crash course in salary negotiation teaches you exactly what you need to know to get the best package possible.

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