Black Friday Special: Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs

Until November 25 at midnight, save $197 - that's 33% off the regular price of $597 CAD!

You get 24/7 online access to Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs...for life!

Your program includes:

  • Free desktop and mobile access through the Kajabi app
  • Welcome video, explaining how to get the most out of your program
  • 5 part workshop with in-class activities to teach you the foundations of fearless negotiation inside the entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • 17 page Companion Workbook to take notes and complete exercises during the workshop
  • Handouts of the workshop slides for your reference
  • Negotiation Toolkit with additional video coaching and practical worksheets, including: 
    • Document Your Wins
    • Identify Your Values
    • Dream the Impossible Dream
    • Identify Benefits That Matter
    • Define Your Negotiation Priorities
    • Manage Your Mindset
    • Predict the Zone of Potential Agreement
    • Prepare Strategic Questions
    • Practice Your Counteroffer
    • Get in the Zone Pep Talk

$399.99 CAD + gst

Terms and Conditions:
  1. We know that your privacy is important to you and we will never sell your personal information. From time to time, you will receive emails from Joanne Zuk Leadership and Strategy, providing details about learning opportunities in which you may be interested. You may unsubscribe at any time without affecting your access to your purchased program. 
  2. Purchasing this online program grants you online access to the specified program components for your own use. Your access is not transferable and may not be shared with others for personal or business use. 
  3. Joanne Zuk retains the intellectual property rights for all content within this program. The user is not permitted to share or adapt the program content or worksheets without express written permission from Joanne Zuk.
  4. Specific results are not guaranteed. As the purchaser, you assume all risk associated with engaging in negotiation. Joanne Zuk shall not be held liable for outcomes or effects associated with actions you take based on education or advice received in this program. 
  5. This purchase is guaranteed with a 14 day money back guarantee. If you have completed the full program and do not believe it was worth what you paid, I will happily refund your money. 

DIY is great, but if you want me to work with you as you prepare for your next negotiation, then this special offer is a perfect upgrade for your course. 

You'll get 30 minutes with me 1:1 to ask questions, work through your negotiation strategy, and get you into a powerful, confident mindset before your next negotiation.

$174 +gst  Buy now for only $99 CAD + gst

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