Fearless Negotiation:

Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs

We never learned to negotiate as women

Think about everything you’ve had to learn about being an entrepreneur.

You weren’t born an expert.

You worked for it.

You started with curiosity, identified opportunities to grow, then learned and practiced applying your skills.

This is how you grew your business.

Not by hoping, but through learning and practice.

This is how we learn how to negotiate.

Except as women, we don’t know what we don’t know.

We are not encouraged to develop negotiation skills when we are young.

And most advice that we find today is written for men.

It’s not surprising that when we face negotiation, we doubt ourselves.

Every. Damn. Time.

“As women, we were never taught how to negotiate effectively. More importantly, we were never taught how to feel worthy to ask for what we deserve. The resources that exist in the business world were largely created for men; they don’t address the emotion and anxiety that arises when most women contemplate negotiating.”

- Joanne Zuk

Embody the powerful entrepreneur inside you

You know what you’re capable of.

You built a business from the ground up – with no instruction manual.

Your clients are loyal and appreciate the difference you make for them.

You built deep relationships in your industry, based on mutual respect.

You have a reputation that preceeds you, and it makes you blush a little.

You bring expertise, compassion, and hard work to everything you touch.

In the beginning, you didn’t negotiate because you were still learning.

Today you don’t negotiate because the little voice in your head convinces you it’s a bad idea.

You know how important it is – like filing your taxes or paying your bills.

You know it’s time.

It’s time to learn the skills to ask for what you desire and deserve.

It’s time to negotiate with confidence.

Fearless Negotiation: Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs


I created this course because I spend a lot of time with women entrepreneurs. When they learn that I’m a negotiation coach, their anxieties and fears about negotiation start pouring out. Powerful, successful women – women who I hold as my own role models – regularly tell me they are afraid to renegotiate their rates, they can’t bring themselves to push back when their suppliers increase their prices, and they experience overwhelming imposter syndrome every time they even think about negotiating.

We were socialized to worry about everyone else first


Most girls are raised to be compassionate, generous, and to focus on the needs of others first. It’s what calls 90% of women entrepreneurs to start businesses in service – in areas where we can help others and make a difference. But the entrepreneurship ecosystem is primarily built around the needs of men. Most financial supports, training, and growth opportunities in Canada are based on a “growth at all costs” mindset that many women can’t afford to adopt. This is because, even today, we still assume the lion’s share of domestic duties including child and parental care*.

Women and men tend to behave differently as entrepreneurs. When it comes to negotiation, they struggle with different aspects of the process. Unfortunately, because most business schools only started enrolling women 50 years ago, most research on negotiation focuses on the skills men need to learn. There are very few opportunities for women to learn about the psychological barriers we face in negotiation – and even fewer resources to help us overcome them.


*Cukier, W., Mo, G. Y., Chavoushi, Z. H., Borova, B., Osten, V. (2022). The State of Women’s Entrepreneurship in Canada 2022. Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub.

What you will learn


The myths and realities of how most business negotiation actually works.

To recognize new opportunities to negotiate in your life and business.

How to see the blind spots that hold you back from negotiating effectively.

How to manage your mindset before and during a negotiation.

Preparation techniques to keep you focused on your priorities.

The skills of harnessing your empathy and values to optimize your position.

Proven strategies to negotiate effectively and the habits to avoid.

How to develop confidence and competence in negotiation.

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What is included in the program?


You will have 24/7 online access to the program materials for one year from the date of purchase. The online content is designed to advance your learning in three areas: confidence, knowledge, and strategies that work for women. The program includes:

  • Welcome content, explaining how to get the most out of the program
  • A comprehensive workshop, divided into 5 video sections to complete at your own pace
  • Hands-on activities that challenge your limiting beliefs
  • Companion workbook for the workshop
  • Handouts of the presentation slides if you like to take notes
  • Negotiation toolkit with everything you need to build your next negotiation strategy
  • Bonus coaching videos that walk you through all of the steps in preparing your strategy
  • Printable templates that you can use over and over again
  • A pep talk that you can watch any time you need a pre-negotiation boost.
Investment: $497 CAD + GST
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your fear of negotiation is not your fault. But it is your responsibility to correct it.


Just like doing your taxes, negotiation is a core responsibility of all business owners. With rising inflation, you have to be able to fearlessly and confidently negotiate with your suppliers, partners, and employees. If you don't, your profit margins will shrink. Your stress will go through the roof. Your business will be at risk. The worst part of all - negotiation is not the hardest thing you'll ever do in your business. It just seems that way because you've probably never received helpful advice designed for women. That's why this program is designed for you - a smart, ambitious female entrepreneur who is not going to let hard conversations stand in the way of your success. 

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